To the editor:

During the past couple years, the pandemic has turned everyone’s lives upside down, affecting families, employment, loss of education and sports. Our entire way of life changed, attitudes had to adjust, and empathy became even more important in life. After all, we have not been through a pandemic before so there is no play book.

Our schools had their own guidelines, in addition to the governors, in addition to the CDC and so on ... but whose do you follow?

The Mansfield, Foxboro, Attleboro and Bishop Feehan high school varsity baseball coaches followed their own. Their decision this year not to cut any seniors, is not only honorable but admirable.

The 2021 seniors missed their entire junior year of baseball. So, when word got out about these schools’ rosters, and what they did to make sure all the seniors finished strong, this was a story that needed to be shared.

In the world of competitive high school sports, during a non-traditional year, they chose empathy over tradition.

I am sure there are other high schools who did the same — if so, kudos to them.

Not only can a good coach judge talent, but also must make difficult choices for their players and the good of the team. For these “A” coaches it was easy, and they made the right decision.

Best of luck to the Mansfield, Foxboro, Attleboro, and Bishop Feehan varsity baseball teams and all the other schools who did the same.

Go out and crush it this season!

Tina Bowes, Wrentham