To the editor:

Stay on the right track. This is no time to change course in the composition of the Foxboro School Committee.

As a teacher and as an analyst of state data for an area school system, I have attended, or presented at many school committee meetings in the course of 32 years as an educator. Based on that experience, I can say that two incumbents, Brent Ruter and Rob Canfield, have served the town very well and deserve to be re-elected. They exercised great leadership during trying times.

Don’t let national, political agendas take us off course. So many children have thrived in a diverse, inclusive environment where they benefit from social-emotional learning programs that emphasize empathy, teamwork and problem-solving. Vaccines and masks have kept them, their teachers, and staff safe. Amazingly these good things are under attack by those who want a change.

Jeanne Dyer


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