To the editor:

I just read an article by Jim Hand in last week’s Foxboro Reporter, and I can’t help but think that some residents here in Foxboro are hypocrites. I’m referring to the article regarding Foxboro sharing $75,000 in a grant focusing on tourism due to Plainridge Park Casino.

If I’m not mistaken, about eight years ago, there was a large faction in Foxboro adamantly opposed to a casino on Route 1 across from Gillette Stadium (even though we have one now, on Route 1 in Plainville, just a couple miles up the road).

Plainville has reaped all the rewards, including a new public safety building and town hall. Even their representatives are citing its successes and asking the state to expand and grant them the third and final full casino license in the state. The sky never fell, regardless of what, then-selectman Mark Sullivan, Ginny Coppola, and Collin Earnst thought at the time.

They were the most influential in keeping a casino out of 02035 on Route 1, even though there’s one at 02762 on Route 1, just a couple miles south, with that town reaping all the benefits.

I wonder if Ms. Coppola, Mr. Earnst, Mr. Sullivan and all the other “No-Casino” folks in Foxboro are OK with accepting this grant, or if they’ll just say “no thank you,” as they did nearly a decade ago.

Cam Giangrande, Foxboro

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