Dear Foxboro,

I beg of you on bended knee to pursue new rotaries, traffic circles or roundabouts instead of traffic lights at Central and Commercial streets and also at Commercial and Walnut streets.

This has been extensively studied and proven to be a superior option.

  • Safety: lower speeds on approach, no need to “beat the light,”
  • Reduced delay, no wait for change of light,
  • Lifetime lower cost (no maintenace of light system),
  • Even a lower total fuel consumption (considering climate change this is actually a big deal).

Obviously, all the locals are very familiar with the Common (technically ruined by the stop signs) and now the rotary by Foxfield Plaza. Many commuters in this area are also familiar with rotaries.

There are to many examples of other towns and states that are choosing rotaries over traffic lights. There are places in New England, including the White River Junction area that are literally going through the hassle of changing out traffic light intersections for rotaries.

I would love the chance to attend public comment meetings. However, that is not always an option. So, consider this my two-minutes of public pleading....Stop the lights. Embrace the circles.


Jim McKenney, Foxboro