To the editor:

I was a 24-year resident of the Town of Foxboro, and served two terms on the advisory committee, including chairing the committee. I served on the audit committee and served on the search committees to fill the finance manager role filled by Randy Scollins and chaired the search committee for the town administrator filled by William Keegan.

For the last two plus years I have lived in another town in Norfolk County and watched from a far via The Foxboro Reporter as the former advisory committee chairman has created financial issues where none exist. In fact, most are petty and detract from the good work our officials carry out day in and day out.

The town has been run for all of the years I was in town as one of the most fiscally-responsible towns in the Commonwealth. Zero Proposition 2 1/2 overrides and only one debt exclusion vote. In addition, the town continues to generate a significant amount of free cash primarily as a result of conservative revenue assumptions and careful operating expense budgeting and capital expenditures. Management of the town has taken the OPEB liability straight on where other towns continue to kick the can down the road.

This does not happen because of a single person or one committee. It happens because those charged with the management and oversight of the operating budget possess the financial acumen and collegial operating skills to work together for the greater good of all in town. Those include the town manager, superintendent of schools, finance director, school finance manager and chairs of the school committee and board of selectmen.

Thank you to all of these senior managers and elected officials that work together to make tough decisions for the benefit of all Foxboro residents.

To the critics, all I can say is the grass is not greener over the town line. I know first hand and am proud and envious of the Town of Foxboro’s financial strength and its management. You have a good thing going in Foxboro. Get behind or work with those elected and appointed officials who make the tough decisions instead of trying to one up them at annual town meeting.

Very truly yours,

John N. Spinney, Jr., Milton

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