To the editor:

This is an open letter to President Donald Trump.

Dear Mr. President, I’m scared.

To start, this is in no one a blame one anyone specific person. Rather the thoughts of a young adult living in America during a time of distress.

To be quite frank and straight to the point: Tighter gun control laws are needed in this country. It seems to be a continuous cycle that we are stuck in.

Every few months a shooting will occur, people become outraged and fight for tighter laws, and nothing seems to happen. After a few months, it seems as if nothing has happened and no changes are made.

I’m tired of the lack of effort being put in to fixing this issue.

As a high school student ,and a hardworking one, I want to see my hard work pay off in the future. Adults say teens are not involved in our futures, but when we are, nothing changes. Some things are bigger than just us.

As students we have other things to worry about — college. Our safety within our own country should not be one of them. Gun control has been a struggle in our country for years, and no blame is being put on one particular person, but our president should be held accountable for not doing anything.

Whatever has been done in the past isn’t working and change needs to happen. The United States lacks the authority in the mass distribution of guns. America has a “unique” gun problem due to the private sellers, which has contributed to the U.S. having the highest rate of “gun-related” homicides.

How much longer will we allow this to continue? Enough is enough. No more mass shootings, no more school shootings. Allow a better and safer future for our future. I don’t want to be worried about being held at gunpoint at a mall or school. If you have power or authority to fix this problem, do it.

Tiffany Lam, Foxboro