To the editor:

I am a U.S. veteran and a decades-long Foxboro resident. There will be a warrant at the town meeting on May 10th that should be approved because it’s a great idea and makes perfect sense.

This is it: The voting members on the Capital Improvement Committee should be Foxboro residents. Right now, the voting board of the committee is a mix of residents and non-residents.

As a reminder, Foxboro’s Capital Improvement Planning Committee reviews and approves all of the town’s taxpayer-funded capital expenditures in excess of $25,000, like school building modernizations, new town cars and trucks (fire, police, etc.), new public facilities, etc.

The warrant says that Foxboro residents should be the ones who make these decisions, rather than non-resident town employees. That makes perfect sense and I agree.

Right now, this committee has five voting members, a combination of non-residents and town residents. The proposed change would keep the voting members at five, but they’d all be town residents.

The committee would still get advice and opinions from town employees (whether they are residents or not), because their knowledge and experience is very important. However, the final vote would be up to the five voting town resident members of this committee.

This warrant makes perfect sense. Let’s have our “own” making the final call, after they get input from everyone.

I’m voting to approve this change to the committee’s bylaws at the town meeting. I hope you will too.

Ed Baldwin, Foxboro