To the editor:

As a senior in my final year of high school, I find myself already mourning the activities and opportunities that I had been involved in during my freshman, sophomore, and first half of junior year.

Although I had accepted the fact that this was simply the result of unprecedented and trying times, I also find myself looking around at those in other activities, such as those in athletics and instrumental ensembles, who are able to participate in their groups in modified ways.

It is hard to keep giving these restrictions the benefit of the doubt when there have been no efforts made to allow modified singing indoors, and especially when so many other states and colleges have successfully and safely found ways to do so.

Singing and the arts is a necessary creative outlet for countless students in a multitude of ways, and not prioritizing it in these uncertain times is doing a lot of unacknowledged harm.

Obviously, unsafe singing indoors is not a reasonable request, but it is a request that no one is making. There are certainly safe procedures and measures that can be taken to permit safe singing indoors.

I believe that adequate efforts are not being taken on this matter, and many of my fellow graduating seniors agree.

We understand why we were originally not allowed to sing indoors, but at this point in the year and with what has been put in place for other activities, the inconvenience of putting necessary safety regulations in place can no longer be an excuse to neglect singing and the arts.

Brielle Smith Foxboro

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