To the editor

I am a lifelong resident of Foxboro. I served on the Foxboro Board of Selectmen, including as chairman in 2007-2008. I have practiced law in the Foxboro / Mansfield / Attleboro area since 1983.

In late February, I had the privilege of hosting Jake Auchincloss at an open forum where he addressed a group of family, friends and neighbors and answered our questions with eloquence and intelligence.

Jake grew up in a family of physicians, scientists, and public health officials, and brings a personal wealth of understanding to the health care issues facing us. He will advocate in Congress for universal access to affordable health care and work to improve the Affordable Care Act.

If we are to compete successfully in the global economy, we need a Congress that will make the necessary investment in public education. The endorsements that the Auchincloss campaign has received from the chair and vice-chair of the Newton School Committee are testaments to his steadfast support for public education. Jake will work to increase federal funding to enhance early education and to expand access to technical, vocational and higher education.

On the issue of climate change, Jake was the first candidate in this race to call for carbon pricing and the first to release a comprehensive climate change plan. In both the public and private sectors, Jake has been a steadfast environmentalist and will continue to lead us forward in our pursuit to combat global warming and eliminate the environmental contamination that threatens all of us.

In both government and business, as well as during his service as a U.S. Marine officer, Jake has proven his dedication to the values that matter to the working women and men of Massachusetts. I wholeheartedly endorse Jake Auchincloss for US. Congress and encourage all Fourth District voters to support Jake in the Democratic primary on Sept. 1.

James D. Thrasher, Foxboro

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