To the editor:

I am writing this in full support of Sarah LiDonni running for school committee this year.

Sarah has a proven herself as a dedicated volunteer in our school system and has done so much for the students and families over the years.

Sarah has shown that she is innovative and creative in her approach to fundraising for our schools.

Organizing the BIT several years ago, it was Sarah’s forward thinking that evolved an on-site silent auction onto a platform that many could access — even if they were not at the actual event.

I believe her approach and embrace of technology lead to some impressive fundraising numbers for the auction that year.

When Sarah became president of the Ahern PAC, she once again took a forward thinking approach to involve parents who could not attend meetings by live streaming them for all to watch and participate. This allowed for more parents to get involved in PAC.

Sarah’s dedication to the Foxboro school system and the committees she has created has impacted our students in a variety of ways. She never turns down a challenge, applies creativity and innovative strategies to solving these issues.

Sarah is exactly what any school committee needs today... we would be fortunate to elect her here in Foxboro. I am hope you will join me in voting for Sarah LiDonni on May 3.

Rachel Calabrese, Foxboro