I am writing in support of Sarah LiDonni for school committee. Sarah and I first met seven years ago when we co-chaired the BIT Auction fundraiser. I quickly learned how caring, dedicated, and tenacious she is.

Over the years I’ve seen her continue to flourish in her volunteerism and leadership as president of the Igo PTO as well as Ahern PAC. While Sarah has many qualities that will make her an outstanding School Committee member, there are two in particular I admire most.

First, she is an extremely creative problem solver. Sarah sees possibilities and has ideas that are truly unique and effective. Although the BIT Auction had been carried out annually for 20 years, Sarah found creative ways to boost attendance and fundraising, even introducing mobile bidding, and raised funds that reached an all-time high for Foxboro’s elementary schools.

Another shining quality of Sarah’s is her commitment to every mission she takes on, rolling with punches that would leave most people down and out. Sarah perseveres with a genuine smile and grace, dedicating herself selflessly to Foxboro’s schools, students, and families. I will proudly vote for Sarah LiDonni for school committee on May 3, because I know she will make a positive impact on our schools, benefitting my children and yours!


Carrie Kelley, Foxboro

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