To the editor:

Re Morse Street housing project: “If they do move in, we will be building another elementary school. You don’t know who will be there.” (The Foxboro Reporter, Aug. 11, 2021). Depending upon its interpretation, this statement must raise serious questions about the type of town that we are or wish to be.

Who are “they” that are referred to, and wouldn’t it be a good thing if there were more children here as investment in an otherwise aging community? And do we ever know, or have a right to ask, who is coming to live in Foxboro, whether they are buying the expensive house next door or a less expensive condo in a new development? The statement also provides us an opportunity to think about our town and its future, to rethink our attitudes and perceptions.

We have a chance to offer new residents the benefits that current residents have long enjoyed, and to benefit from the skills and experience of new residents. Foxboro is stronger when it is an open, welcoming, and flexible community.

I lived in Foxboro as a young person and returned with my husband as a retiree because of the goodness that I remembered. We still think this is a good decision.

Dr. Alyne Ricker, and Dr. Maury Frieman, Foxboro

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