To the editor:

This is an open letter to Bob Kraft, Foxboro residents and Foxboro Selectmen:

As I sit in my farmstand on North Street and look across the street at the big empty yellow house, built by Amos Morse in the 1800s, I have to wonder just why Bob Kraft will not donate this to the town and its residents. Then I have to wonder why our selectmen have not bought or tried to buy it. Perhaps you should take it by eminent domain — as it is a significance to our town history.

Many of our residents are unhappy with the house being under threat. Our coffers are swelling from the meals tax. Yet we are losing our historic houses faster than you can imagine. Perhaps the selectmen do not really care about our town or history, perhaps it is all about Bob Kraft and the New England Patriots.

I just finished reading the new stadium news flyer, and I think Kraft should practice what he preaches for on the first page, first paragraph, scholarships are awarded based on criteria that includes respect for others. Is this an example of respecting the residents or town history when you purposely destroy a house of historical significance to the town? After all it is listed on the National Historical Register. Foxboro’s Historical Commission has tried to delay utilizing the six-month rule, but at a February meeting, when a Kraft representative spoke, they totally misrepresented the facts, as usual. There have been many offers to buy the house over the years, including one from a neighbor.

They stated Kraft wants to keep control of the land “so no one would be able complain.” Well anyone knows when you move somewhere, you do not have the right to complain. It’s called “due diligence” or “caveat emptor.” They said it would have to be moved. Well they have had offers on that one too, before the meeting, as well as after and never returned phone calls. They printed in their newsletter that they would be willing to give the house away free — as long as it was moved. Not true, it goes along with the previous statement of mine. The last thing the representatives said was that Bob would like to make a park there. On one acre? Wetlands and vernal pools, etc. I think they really meant to say “parking lot.”

Nancy Lawton, Foxboro

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