The new Spanish-American plaque will be cast soon.

It was a long journey, back to 1898, but we have documented the names of eight young men from Foxboro who volunteered to serve in the Spanish American War.

Before the tribute to those who served is cast in bronze, we want another appeal to local families. If you believe one of your ancestors entered that war from Foxboro, get the name to the historical commission quickly so we can document his service and add a name to the list.

To date, we list Charles Everdean, Fred W. Fletcher, George Hearn, Thomas J. Kelly, Joseph Kirby, Charles A. Krebs, Dr. Frank G. Lillyman and Roy T. Well.

The plaque will be mounted in Memorial Hall. A story about the war will also be nearby which will include Spanish-American War veterans who moved here after the war and made a contribution to our community.

Believing we had the names of all veterans on a tablet, it was shocking to realize such a tribute did not exist for veterans of this conflict. It will be with a sense of pride we know we embrace all veterans, thanking them for their service.

Jack Authelet Foxboro Town Historian