To the editor:

As the summer comes to an end and coronavirus remains a pressing issue, the question remains whether to reopen schools in the fall or not. The U.S. currently has the most confirmed cases of COVID-19, and despite the circumstances many schools have chosen to hold in-person classes.

In late June, the Centers of Disease Control sent out guidelines for schools to reopen. Schools that reopened have already run into problems. Many schools in the south that had reopened are now moving fully online after hundreds of students and teachers tested positive for COVID-19 within the first week of reopening.

Other countries have been able to successfully reopen schools, but they have a significantly lower number of cases compared to the U.S. and were given different guidelines for reopening. The guidelines in the U.S. can be bent too easily; schools aren’t even required to take daily temperature checks.

How is it safe to return to schools when there are more cases now than in March when schools initially decided to shut down? Returning to schools in the fall is dangerous, no matter how you go about it. Even if schools assign cohorts and don’t have full attendance, the staff and teachers who are present between both groups are at a high risk.

Additionally, having a split schedule could be complicated and inconvenient for some families. If schools are already having online classes in addition to in-person, wouldn’t it be safer and easier to keep everyone online?

Irene Fisher, Foxboro

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