To the editor:

Recently, a number of local businesses have lifted their mask mandates for fully vaccinated employees. In so doing, they are placing people’s personal medical status on public display and subjecting those who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 to public humiliation and scorn.

Since when did it become acceptable to broadcast people’s personal health decisions to the world, decisions which are nobody’s business but the people involved and their doctors? Answer: It didn’t. It wasn’t OK in the halcyon pre-pandemic days and it’s not OK now.

When policies determine that people can be humiliated in this way, it’s clear we are trekking a very twisted course away from practical reason. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this policy take root in our schools next. Such a measure would undoubtedly cause friction between parents and their children, who are almost always concerned with “fitting in.”

Who knows, before long we may well be living in a two-tier, segregated society comprised of “the vaccinated” and “the unclean” — the latter forced to bear the equivalent of Hawthorne’s “Scarlet Letter” — the ignominious mask of shame.

The coercive policy of peer-pressure adopted by these businesses has nothing to do with public health and any suggestion that it does is so ludicrous that it merits a horse laugh. People who’ve chosen to be vaccinated should ipso facto be protected from the virus, simple as that.

The decisions of those who choose otherwise should be of no concern to them whatsoever.

Wyatt Peterson, Foxboro

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