To the editor:

Police Chief Michael Grace requested four new police hires to appropriately operate the Foxboro Police Department as he says the department is understaffed for FY 2024. It looks like the town will give him two of the four requested.

He explained that in addition to Patriot Place, the hundreds of housing units constructed at Fisher Street, Foxborough Boulevard and, more recently, Wall Street place even greater demands on police staffing due to the higher call volume and time spent on these calls is increasing.

They just can’t keep up without excessive forced overtime. So why are we sacrificing this piece of general industrial land to nearly double the population of Morse Street?

Residential development places a strain on services, however, the impact can be partially offset if these residents are supporting the community’s commercial industry.

At 119 Morse St., the closest gas station, bank, pharmacy, and convenience store are all located in Mansfield. So, while we absorb the services these residents require, Mansfield will reap the benefits from the much-needed economic boost.

This is why towns position housing districts close to their own commercial industry. So, the strain on our services in Foxboro will not likely be offset by the tax revenue generated.

The state is asking us to give up some industrial or commercial zoned land for 3A housing mandate. We know we need to zone for between 768 and 1,152 units by December 2024.

Why are we giving up this industrial zoned land on top of this mandate? How is this in the best interest of the town right now given an understaffed police force and a new housing mandate to work through in the next fiscal year?

Lisa Pereira Foxboro