To the editor:

Monday I was out for my daily walk and came upon the Common.

Ahead was a traffic jam, specifically at the curve heading towards South Street in front of South Street Pizza with Central Street being on your right. As I tried to cross in the crosswalk I noticed that was blocked with a barrel. Then looking further an 18-wheeler was trying to navigate the curve to proceed to South Street. Because of the new improvements that have been implemented it was impossible for the truck to navigate the curve. They need a wide space to turn. Also, there was a barrel placed on the curve so there was not enough space to navigate and continue on South Street.

The truck had to back up with a long line of traffic behind as did all the other drivers. The horns are going all the while I noticed a gentleman sitting in a grey SUV with a neon vest on and an official license plate. Assuming he was there to monitor the flow of traffic, how was that going? Not well. The barrel had to be moved so the truck could proceed on South Street

Why these barrels and barriers were strategically placed where I don’t understand. It was was a disaster.

Was a feasibility study done? Was it taken into consideration the traffic that uses the rotary daily and how congested it can be at certain times of the day? Also, the new lines for parking spaces appear to take up more space into the main road instead of the vertical parking. Everyone was still cutting each other off at the last minute if they needed to head in to Central Street.

I am no engineering expert regarding road travel and the flow of traffic, but this clearly was not working at all. It was a mess and this was at 11 a.m. not 4:30 in the afternoon. Maybe an additional grant and fresh eyes are needed to correct this mess before someone is seriously injured.

Mary Selig, , Foxboro