To the editor:

As a school bus driver for the Town of Foxboro, I, as well as most other school bus drivers traverse the Common several times a day. The revisions at the Main Street end of the common are very welcome changes because they instantly solved the back up problem on Main Street, which was a daily and hourly occurrence. Kudos to that design.

However, the south end is another story.

Entrance to South Street from the Common is difficult because buses and tractor-trailer trucks need space to take wide turns. It is now narrowed making that more difficult and nearly impossible for tractor-trailer trucks. Also, the new parking configurations narrow the travel lanes so much that larger wide vehicles find side by side traveling very tight and dangerous.

Turning onto Central Street is difficult because of the traffic from South Street. Vehicles turning onto Cocasset Street “fight” to get over quickly so they can make that turn.

Vehicles entering the Common still have to stop before proceeding, which can cause long back ups on the involved streets. The increased flow enabled at the Main Street entrance to the Common is not achieved at those in the new south end configuration.

As an opinion, the south end of the Common configuration does not ease the flow of traffic into the Common, yet causes confusion making exiting onto the available streets difficult.

I hope the authorities study this in detail as it appears to accomplish very little.

Douglas Ritter, Mansfield