This past week the Foxboro Republican Town Committee hosted Massachusetts District 4 Congressional candidate Emily Burns. She is a first-time candidate running in the Republican Primary against 30-year retired Air Force Col. Julie Hall. Hall ran last year for the open seat, which Democrat Jake Auchincloss won 61% to 39%. Col. Hall received over 160,000 votes, which is the most by any Republican challenger in the old Barney Frank seat.

The primary shapes up to be a vibrant and vigorous race, as Burns looks to be formidable opponent to Col. Hall. Burns looks to be a single-issue candidate focusing on the effects of the virus over the past two years, how the rules, guidelines, recommendations, and mandates have affected us as a society as well as our children’s development by missing so much time in school.

She is self-described as angry and “pissed off” by the last two years. She pointed out that her primary opponent did well last year getting 39% of the vote, but felt she could improve upon that due to her financial standing, saying she could buy the election if she wanted to.

She said that Hall’s limit in fundraising and personal wealth would be a detriment to her and create a ceiling that Hall couldn’t overcome. She cited this as the main reason she will make a better candidate against Auchincloss in the general election, seemingly making her personal finances part of her campaign platform, going as far as saying she recently held a fundraiser “at my New Hampshire home.”

Burns also believes she has “more fire in her belly” because her three school aged children are younger than Col. Hall’s son, ignoring the fact that Col. Hall has a grandchild. not that the age of a child or grandchild should have any bearing on someone passion, or “fire in the belly.” There was a tinge of ageism in her comments.

Burns has been described as a libertarian at least twice in The Sun Chronicle. When asked if she’s officially switched her party affiliation to Republican yet or afraid that she couldn’t get on the ballot, she said she’s never been a registered libertarian, that the paper misquoted her, to which the term “fake news” was blurted out, to a room full of chuckles.

Someone asked her if she was a Trump supporter, and she deflected simply saying she voted for the former president in 2020. The person followed up noticing she highlighted 2020 but didn’t mention 2016, to which Burns said she voted for the libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, who famously responded to the question about what he’d do in Aleppo by asking, “What is Aleppo?”

All in all, it is interesting to have two Republicans vying for this seat, when it is often difficult to find one candidate to run against a Democrat incumbent. This should make for an exciting political season over the next year.

Mrs. Burns, raised in Utah, moved to Massachusetts after college, and currently lives in Newton.

This writer is a Foxboro resident.

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