To the Editor

After reading Jim McKenney’s defense of the name Warrior for Foxboro’s athletic teams, I knew I had to weigh in on this discussion. Jim feels that we should get rid of the Native American image but keep the name because the word warrior connotes “courage, tenacity and strength.” I profoundly disagree. War is failure.

I have known a lot of warriors in my day and not one of them has ever worn a feather. If we had the integrity as a community to put an accurate picture of a “warrior of our times” on the school sign — a struggling, desperate kid in fatigues sloshing through mud, carrying bombs and rifles — we would have ditched the whole, romantic warrior thing long ago.

My uncles fought in Korea. My classmates fought and died in Vietnam. The sons and daughters of my relatives, friends and neighbors fought and died in a winless, political war in Afghanistan over 20 years. The last just war was World War II and even that war connotes a failure to recognize and neutralize the rise of a megalomaniac by economic and diplomatic means thus avoiding the death of millions of innocent people, some face down on Omaha Beach. War is a colossal failure of humanity. We shouldn’t label our kids with that ugliness.

I do not wish to wage war on the people of Mansfield. I like them. I buy my appliances in Mansfield. And I certainly don’t want to wage war on the people of Sharon. I go to Ward’s Berry Farm all the time. When I walk into that store, I don’t want to hurt people. I just want to buy scones.

I have lived here for four decades and I believe in the people of Foxboro. I know we can come up with something that connotes excellence, preparation, determination. I believe we can be positive and not destructive and still plant our flag on the top of the hill.

Oh, and I’m a proud graduate of the University of Nebraska. I’m a Cornhusker. Farmers prevail. They feed the nation.

Jean Schmidt, Foxboro

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