Foxboro’s capital improvement planning committee reviews and approves all of the town’s taxpayer-funded capital expenditures that exceed $25,000. This committee has tremendous say in how our tax payments are spent. School building upgrades, new town vehicles (fire, police, etc.), new public facilities and so on are among the major spending decisions made by this committee.

Shouldn’t Foxboro residents be the ones who make these decisions, rather than non-resident town employees? To use an appropriate cliché, we need people who have “skin in the game.”

Currently, this committee has five voting members, mixed between non-residents and town residents. This proposed change would keep the voting members at five, but all of them would be town residents.

The committee would continue to get advice and input from town employees (whether resident or not), since their perspective and experience is extremely valuable. However, the final authority would be up to the five voting town resident members of this committee.

Capital improvement planning committees in many — if not most — other Massachusetts towns are already made up of town residents. If Foxboro’s goal is to make the most judicious and efficient use of the finite pool of taxpayer monies, then a committee made up of town residents just makes the most sense, doesn’t it?

Please vote to adopt this change to the committee’s bylaws at the town meeting on Monday, May 10.

Shelby Kornbluth, Foxboro