To the editor:

Thank you to all the volunteers who stepped up yet again this year to plant and care for the flower buckets you see uptown. They sure do look beautiful.

I would like to thank; Chris, Dave and all the tree and park guys who put out the planters and get them ready for planting. Also, thanks to both our wonderful garden clubs, Judy Leahy and Suzanne Farmer, Stacey Pisarczyk, Kathy Brady, Lauren Bitar ( LB), the Lavery Family, Steph McGowan, the Corkery Family, Maureen Delaney, Kristen Eagan, Candace Bracket, Bob Palie and Rebecca Haywood, Renee Tocci, Diane Thies, Kellie Hernon, Carol Haadad, Amy Perry, Carolyn Cahill, Karen Flanagan, Kristin Meehan Papianou, Christine Igo Freeman, Lyons Greenhouse and Liz Henneberry.

The effort by these dedicated volunteers to plant these flowers Uptown and at the Lane Property and care for them throughout the season speaks well of our community and is truly appreciated. Foxboro Cares.

Heather Harding, Coordinator, Foxboro

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