To the editor:

Many thanks to The Foxboro Reporter for carrying two stories.

First, the very touching story in January of the courageous Franciszek Zaleski (with condolences to his family.).

Over 20 years ago, I had the privilege of working with a Holocaust survivor whose story was similar. He also was part of a group of partisans who fought in the woods starting first in his homeland of Poland. He and his group traveled up to Belarus and Ukraine. I will never forget this brave man. There is a good chance that Mr. Zaleski would have met him.

All this brings us to the story of the other brave people suffering in Ukraine. Thank you for your coverage of what was happening in Kharkiv and the rest of Ukraine.

To the family you wrote about, I want to convey that my family and friends are contributing to the efforts to assist Ukraine and spreading the word to others about how to assist. Thank you for adding in that article about ways to donate through Combined Jewish Philanthropies ( and Razom ( My mother and I had heard of a person collecting medical supplies before the article appeared and we donated, not knowing at the time that it was CJP.

My prayers and efforts continue for Ukraine as well as those other communities throughout the world suffering under oppression and persecution.

Susan Boyd, Foxboro