To families of Foxboro Soccer and the people of Foxboro, I have raised my children and lived in Foxboro for 49 years.

I am so grateful for the compassion and care from the parents of my granddaughters soccer team and the Foxboro EMTs.

On Saturday, while at my granddaughters’ soccer game at the Sam Berns field I slipped and landed in a puddle.

It was raining hard and the pain was unbearable.

People were at my side immediately. And there they stayed. Someone called 911. Lauri Carroll called my daughter.

I was gently covered with umbrellas and plastic to protect me from the rain. And I was comforted. Gentle faces leaned in to care for me.

I am going to be ok. I have cracked my ribs, but I will heal.

My heart is full of gratitude for all of the kindness and caring.

I was there by myself, but was never alone.

As we experience the many acts of violence in this world, I am honored to be from a town that is full of people that respond in kindness and compassion.

In gratitude,

Thomas J. Smith Foxboro

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