To the editor:

Regarding the two recent shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio: There is never a justified reason for a mass shooting.

I disagree with the presumption that video games and mental health disabilities can justify a person’s actions to shoot up a school or a shopping center, or anything else for that matter. The fact that our own president is not making an effort to combat the problem, but instead is relying on the fact that the shooters might have been mentally ill, is unacceptable.

Yes, there are many reasons as to why the shooters might have orchestrated such a horrific event, but society cannot assume that the shooter was mentally ill and leave it at that.

We must prevent these events from happening long beforehand with thorough background checks, stricter gun licenses, mandatory training lessons, and psychological testing when purchasing firearms.

As these mass shootings are occurring more often, society is beginning to see this as the norm.

Twenty-two people were killed in Texas and many more hospitalized desperately fighting for their lives. Every individual who has ever been affected by one of these shootings deserves the attention and they deserve the protection from their country and president to stop the violence.

I do believe that there can be a change to all this violence and negativity in the world.

If we take a stand on gun violence and push for new laws and regulations to keep our country even the slightest bit safer than we are now, we know we’ve made a difference ... a difference to all the children and families that have lost a loved one due to mass shootings as well to prevent anyone else from losing someone they care about.

Nidhi Patel


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