Vaccine mandates are the gravest threat to freedom our nation has ever faced. The concept itself is a direct assault on our American liberties and core foundational principles. These are the shared essential values which all Americans must uphold, regardless of political persuasion.

This situation goes far beyond health — it’s a freedom issue. The vaccinated were free to choose to be vaccinated. They exercised that fundamental right we as Americans have and I can’t fault them one bit for that. But they need to recognize that they were given a choice.

The countless others who are right now losing their jobs and being barred from public life are not being given a choice, and that’s the issue. Many of last year’s front line heroes continue to be forced out of work because they refuse to violate their consciences and it’s sickening to behold.

A veteran American Airlines pilot recently hit the nail on the head in an online video, saying: “You may support the vaccine mandates because they fall in line with your current beliefs. But if we let this happen now, there will be a day when what you’re told to do will not fall in line with your beliefs.”

This is precisely why we must stand together — united as Americans — against this outrageous affront to freedom. This is not about whether or not you support the vaccine. It’s about defending the idea that people should be allowed to decide for themselves what gets injected into their bodies or the bodies of their children. \If we allow government to impose its will upon us in matters of personal health, we are essentially admitting that the State owns our bodies. A frightening new precedent would then be set, and it’s not hard to imagine where it could one day lead. Bodily autonomy is our most basic human right.

If we lose that then America as we know it will be relegated to the vaults of history forever.

Wyatt Peterson, Foxboro

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