Vote yes on Question 4 to support the new law, law enforcement, public safety on our roads, and bring in additional revenue to Massachusetts. Voting yes ensures that the person receiving a driver’s license is able to prove their identity and residency, while ensuring they pass road tests, are insured and registered.

This law is supported by hundreds of law enforcement officials, businesses, and organizations. It has the support of local police chiefs, Massachusetts Major Cities Chiefs of Police Association, county sheriffs, commissioners, superintendents, and the District Attorney’s Association.

Foxboro Police Chief Michael Grace and Attleboro Police Chief Kyle Heagney supported the bill that became law.

Chief Grace said he sees it as a benefit to the working public. “If you can’t have a license and you live in Foxboro, you can’t get anywhere.”

Former Chelsea Police Chief and Massachusetts Major City Police Chiefs Association President Brian Kyes who supports the new law said, “This bill would promote trust between law enforcement and all the communities we serve and protect. In order for our state’s police officers to best do their jobs and remain safe while doing so, they need to be able to identify who’s behind the wheel.”

Eighteen states including Connecticut and Rhode Island have passed similar legislation. States that passed a similar law can expect an estimated $233 million increase in revenue from insurance premiums and licensing fees.

Vote yes on Question 4 to support qualified drivers to obtain a license and drive legally and protect everyone.

Susan Gillis Foxboro