To the editor:

The heat of the summer is upon us, and although wearing a face mask is hot and uncomfortable, it is still necessary. The coronavirus is still here.

Unfortunately, if you are out at a store, you will see many people wearing a mask improperly and not social distancing. Some are just covering their mouth, leaving their nose exposed, and others are pulling it down until they go up to the registers.

When this happens it makes people nervous and stressed. You can’t confront these people for fear of aggressive behavior, even though they are the ones putting you and everyone else at risk.

You wear a mask to prevent the particles you breath out from getting onto surfaces or into the face of others. So wearing it below your nose still allows for particles to come out and these particles can get on surfaces, food, etc.

Pulling your mask down while shopping is ignorant and selfish. I recently saw a woman in a store with the mask down around her neck, talking on the phone about Judge Judy. That call was so important that she felt she had the right to take her mask down and possibly expose others. The sad part is she was near two store employees, one of whom loss their father to COVID-19.

It is during times of crisis when we see what people are really like. Those who have respect and compassion for others wear their masks, keep their distance and try to do everything they can to get through this pandemic.

Then we see others who feel they don’t have to follow state mandates and lack respect for others. It makes you wonder: Are they are uneducated about the benefits of wearing masks? Do they think the virus is a hoax, or is it that they simply don’t care?

I hope this letter reaches just a few people and they recognize themselves. Maybe the next time they go out they will wear a mask, and properly, and for the whole time they are in the store. Just because you don’t have symptoms does not mean that you do not have coronavirus.

If we ever want to get back to some sort of normalcy then we all must do our part and put a mask on. It’s such a small thing, but it makes a big difference. You never know if others around you may be at high risk, but if you are wearing a mask properly, you just might be saving a life ... maybe your own or someone you love.

Lorrie Jenkins


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