To the editor:

I am pleased to currently serve on the Foxboro Housing Authority.

As I near the end of a one-year term, I am now running for a full five-year term. My candidacy is unopposed, but I still want to ask for your vote.

I grew up in Foxboro, graduated from Foxboro High School in 1999, have served on the advisory committee, and currently serve on the housing authority, the board of recreation, the Founders Day planning cmmittee, and the Rodman Performing Arts Center board of directors.

I also work as an attorney with a focus on litigation.

Helping to ensure that Foxboro has housing opportunities for folks at all income levels is important and meaningful work. I have enjoyed serving on the Foxboro Housing Authority for the last year, and I respectfully ask for your vote to continue in that role for a new five-year term.

Kevin Powers, Foxboro