Politically, we are more divided than ever. However, there is one issue most of us agree on and that is keeping guns away from bad people.

Massachusetts has some of the strongest gun controls in the nation, but we need to make sure other States follow.

There is nothing more important than keeping our kids, schools and community safe.

Therefore, in the upcoming election, let’s look at the candidates and their position on gun control and the amount of money they receive from the NRA.

Military assault rifles can still be purchased legally in some states and background checks are not required in many states.

Most Americans agree that these automatic rifles should be banned and that background checks are a good idea.

Shame on the Democrats for not making this their primary issue in the debates. Shame on Trump and Fox News for lying to us and saying that our Second Amendment rights are being threatened.

Our Second Amendment rights are not threatened. Law abiding Americans will always be allowed to purchase and possess guns.

It’s time for politicians and the NRA to be held accountable for the mass shootings in this country.

Let’s vote for candidates who are willing to make these changes regardless of their party affiliation.

Artie Georgantas, Foxboro

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