To the editor:

I read with interest the letter to the editor written by Kathy Brown regarding the stealing of lawn signs. This has happened to us as well on a few occasions particularly during an election period. Most recently, the thieves stole our sign that endorses our support for our local police and the men in blue overall.

Who are these people who have the gall to trespass on private property and steal political signs and other similar signs? Are they adults with some mindless ax to grind with nothing better to do? Or are they kids who think stealing and trespassing are great fun?

We will not give in their foolishness and one day, these fools will be caught in the act and their names publicized. My thanks to Mary Brown for her letter and I feel certain that there are many other similar acts of stupidity. Meanwhile, I will replace my signs illustrating our choice for office and our police.

Bradford Linscott, Foxboro

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