Thank you to our volunteers and donors who came together for the ninth year to uniquely thank our veterans with turkey gift cards, homemade whoopi pies, squash, Foxboro High School Thanksgiving Day football passes and hundreds of handmade cards to say “Thank you for the sacrifices you and your family have made for us all.”

Volunteers from the South Foxboro Community Center once again made hundreds of whoopi pies; Foxboro’s finest farmer Earl Ferguson grews quash for the packages; Taylor Elementary School’s army of kids led by Mrs. Sykes made hundreds of handmade cards showing our younger generation’s appreciation along with Mrs. Zabbo’s Brownie Troop’s effort with appreciation rocks, cookies and more cards; Larry Stern contributed all the personal swag bags for each veteran; Plainville’s Stop and Shop manager Dan St. Laurent contributed again towards the effort and last but not certainly least the Foxboro Jaycees helped as they always seem to do in town.

In addition, donations came in once again from caring friends and families across our town like Ginny Coppola, Tina Belanger, Gary Whitehouse, Deb and Mike Stewart, Steve Hughes, Rachel Calabrese, Diana Screen, Amy Perry, Wendy Sullivan, Suzanne Yeghian, Scot Rodman, Debbie Giordano, Andrea Kristenson, Silvia Carnino, Jess Preston, Christine Orena, Anne Marie Piscitelli, Mario and Sandra Morini, Janet Kennedy and Bill Yukatonis to make the day possible.

Also, a huge shout out to Scott & Rob O’Donnell of the O’Donnell Brothers Homes who generously set aside a donation from every 2021 home sale and gave generously to our effort.

We thank the friends and families across town came to hand deliver the thank you packages to each home and share some stories as well as The Foxboro Reporter for helping us connect with our veterans each year.

The reason we mention so many people is because we want our veterans to know the breadth of their support from so many in our community who do it just because they want to. Our community is stronger because of it.

Enjoy the holidays, be safe and thank you veterans for once again strengthening our community and giving us an opportunity to share with you.

With appreciation and until next year,


Lynda Walsh, Jim DeVellis & Ally Rodriguez