class night zoom pic foxboro

Members of the Foxboro High School guidance department staff show their support for this year’s graduates in a Zoom format during the virtual Class Night ceremony on Foxboro Cable Access.

To the editor:

A note of thanks to the many in our town that worked hard to create a special graduation for the Foxboro High School Class of 2020 seniors.

Thank you to Chief Grace and Chief Kelleher and their hard working public safety teams; they are simply the best.

To the Foxboro High School administrators and faculty under the leadership of Diana Myers-Pachla, Superintendent Berdos and Assistant Superintendent Mello; your kindness and care for our students is unwavering. The families are truly grateful for your hard work.

To Chris Connelly the creator of a thoughtful “Adopt a Senior” project, to the Marilyn Rodman Performing Arts Center team, thank you for celebrating all the seniors.

To Terese Todd and her team of volunteers that put together the graduation edition.

And to our fantastic Mike Webber and the Foxboro Cable Access team, thank you for your hard work.

Our Foxboro is an amazing community that consistently pulls together to help each other.

We are absolutely blessed.

Angela Davis, Foxboro


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