patrick thomas art

An art work by Patrick James Thomas on display at the Boyden Library this month.

Art work by Foxboro High School graduate Patrick James Thomas are now on display at the Boyden Library.

An alumni of The New School’s Eugene Lang College, Thomas began honing his skills as a painter after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in poetry writing. While writing poems and using film as inspiration, he found, upon graduating, that he could bridge the gaps between what he had learned in the art of poetics with abstract painting. His artistic oeuvre focuses mainly on the relationship between paint and the canvas.

After studying the works of Henri Matisse and the Impressionist period, Thomas became drawn to the abstract expressionist movement, garnering influence from painters such as Helen Frankenthaler, Jackson Pollock, Joan Mitchell, Willem De Kooning, Grace Hartigan and Lee Krasner. In terms of his deep artistic understanding of where the psychological meets the lyrical, and where the lyrical meets color and shape, Thomas regards the raison d'etre of his work as a reflection and conversation of the innovative artistic movements of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Thomas lives in Foxboro.

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