Foxboro native Riley Dekkers, who is the drummer for the band Pistacia, will play Inkcarceration, a sold-out music and tattoo festival in Ohio, Friday, Sept. 10.

It’s part of the Berklee College of Music’s Popular Music Institute, a class that brings students and Berklee-affiliated acts to major U.S. music festivals.

A school spokeswoman says the program guides students through every step of going from the classroom to the stage, “important preparation for a performance career.”

While most Berklee classes take place over the course of one semester, this one runs on a three-semester, full-year cycle. In the fall semester, the class selects the artists and splits up into management teams. In the spring, students work on artist development, marketing, digital presence, budgets, merchandise, sponsorships, and advancing their assigned festival. For the final semester, in the summer and early fall, teams rehearse with the artists to prepare them for the festival stage — a much different experience than a club show — and accompany them to each festival to handle on-site promotion, production, and tour management.

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