Youth Production meeting

A recent session of Youth Productions.

A new youth-produced program series premiered recently on the local public access channel Comcast 8/Verizon 39.

Dubbed “What’s Up?” local youth of various ages participate in taping local events in a short-feature format.

In April, interested students and their parents attended a presentation by Foxboro Cable Access Executive Director Michael Webber, who explained the basics of planning and producing short-feature programming, and outlined additional training options. Students range in age from elementary to high school, and work with their parents on a multi-age production crew to interview, videotape and edit their featured event using FCA equipment and facilities.

This week’s scheduled program includes highlights of the recent Cultural Council grantee reception. Other episodes of the series feature interviews about Clean-Up Foxboro Day, the Senior Olympics, Personal Best Karate programs, Memorial Day, Rotary Interact Club, Elite Dance Studio and several events at the Marilyn Rodman Performing Arts Center.

“In community media, we often use the slogan ‘by and about people you know’ and this new youth productions effort fits the spirit of Access TV,” Webber said in a press release. “It’s truly a unique Foxboro project conceived and executed by energetic community volunteers, youth and their parents, supported by the equipment, training, and resources of FCA. We’re very happy to help the group get up and running.”

Since 1984, young people have taken advantage of the resources made available at FCA to learn media-making skills and gain experience through repetitive execution of real projects for the benefit of the community, he said. FCA currently supports both curricular and extra-curricular programs at the Ahern Middle School and high school, as well as internship programs at the studios and the annual FCA scholarship.

Students who developed more specific interests and skills have always been welcome on FCA’s production crews. FCA sponsored a video club through the 1990’s so that students who attended other schools could also participate in production activity in an independent social atmosphere. For many, those interests lead to college degrees and professional careers in all parts of the industry from sports broadcasting to engineering. For others, it was a lasting hobby or some other kind of self awareness.

With this most recent effort, another generation of young people will experience the satisfaction of learning new things and put their perspective on local events for the community to see, Webber said.

Volunteer producer Juri Love has developed Foxboro Youth Productions which is part of the new effort.

“I’m thrilled to have many families and youths signed up. The best part of this is that the youths can use the professional equipment and training from FCA staff to produce a TV show, and get it out to the community,” Love said. She said the result is building confidence in those young participants because it gives them a tangible goal.

In addition to the regular cablecast schedule, the “What’s Up” programs are also available for viewing anytime, from anywhere, via the FCA website or You Tube. Those interested can see more behind-the-scenes action or upcoming activities at the group’s Facebook page at Foxboro Youth Productions.

To learn more about FCA’s training workshops, programming or operations, go to:, or contact Webber at 508-543-4757.

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