FRANKLIN — Unless the state of Massachusetts offers different directives, the MIAA and its member schools are planning to play the full fall schedules.

In a statement on Tuesday, the MIAA announced that it is “not planning to make any changes to the start date of the Fall 2020 season. The scheduled start date for Fall 2020 practice is Monday, Aug. 24, except for football, which may start practice on Aug. 21.”

The MIAA said it will convene a “task force: to examine the potential impacts of the COVID-19 crisis” on the fall season and for the 2020-21 academic year.

The task force will convene next week and throughout the summer to assess the weekly health and safety concerns throughout the state and within each district. The task force will review “all aspects of the fall season and the calendar year such as practice requirements, fan attendance, re-socializatiion efforts, protocol, procedures and transportation.”

In addition, the task force will assess health, state and community conditions as they develop through the summer and present recommendations to the MIAA Board of Directors, which has the authority to implement any proposed changes.

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