Foxboro High seniors Abby Hassman and Ryan Proulx each continued their undefeated pace through the Hockomock League as the pair took two wins in two meets this past week.

Hassman and Proulx both won as Sharon swept Foxboro on Monday, after leading their respective teams to a sweep over Stoughton last Wednesday.

In the meet against the Eagles on Monday, Hassman took first by a 40-second margin (17:09) but the Warrior girls were limited to just three runners in the top-10 and ultimately were handed a 22-34 Hockomock League loss.

Jenn Yeomans (19:35) took fifth for the Warriors while Emily Steele took seventh to round out the team’s top-10 finishes.

In the boys’ race against Sharon, Proulx finished first by 46 seconds (15:18), but the Warriors were also limited in the top-10 as Foxboro fell 20-43 in the Hockomock League meet.

Nate Palter took ninth (17:21) for the Warriors against the Eagles.

E Against the Black Knights last Wednesday, Hassman took first by 42 seconds (20:42) as the Warriors earned eight of the top 10 finishes and claimed a 18-45 Hockomock League victory over Stoughton.

Hassman was followed by Yeomans (21:25) as the Warriors took both of the top two placements. Emily Steele, Isabel Hallal, Anya Doherty, Amy Conley, Mabel Linck, Sophia Sougaris took 4-5-6-7-8-10 to showcase the Foxboro depth.

Proulx crossed the line first by a 47-second margin of his own (17:49) against the Black Knights as the Warrior boys earned their first win of the season in a 22-35 Hockomock League verdict.

Nate Palter placed second (18:36) while Jake Parkman helped Foxboro take each of the top three finishes in addition to Proulx.

Nick Olson, Connor Callahan and Liam Cody took 7-9-10 to earn the Foxboro the victory.

The Foxboro girls (3-1) and boys (1-3) will travel to the Bay State Invitational this Saturday before returning to Hockomock League competition against North Attleboro.

With a win over North Attleboro and a Sharon (4-0) loss to Stoughton (0-4), the Warrior girls would earn a share of the Davenport Division title.

Sharon girls 23, Foxboro 34: 1-Abby Hassman (F), 2-Theiler (S), 3-Boxerman (S), 4-Dudziak (S), 5-Jenn Yeomans (F), 6-Li (S), 7-Steele (F), 8-Robison (S), 9-Faktorovich (S), 10-Anya Doherty (F), 17:09, course 3.1 mi.

Sharon boys 20, Foxboro 43: 1-Ryan Proulx (F), 2-Kong (S), 3-Starovohton (S), 4-Saks (S), 5-Reddy (S), 6-Dubria (S), 7- Mihajlovits (S), 8-Tao (S), 9-Nate Palter (F), 10-Chorney (S), 15:18, course 3.1 mi.

Foxboro 22, Stoughton 35: 1-Ryan Proulx (F), 2-Nate Palter, 3-Jake Parkman (F), 4-Currier (S), 5-Nalek (S), 6-Herriques (S), 7-Nick Olson (F), 8-Ozturk (S), 9-Connor Callahan (F), 10-Liam Cody, 17:49, 3.1 course.

Foxboro girls 18, Stoughton 45: 1-Abby Hassman (F), 2-Jenn Yeomans (F), 3-Lally (S), 4-Emily Steele (F), 5-Isabel Hallal (F), 6-Anya Doherty (F), 7-Amy Conley (F), 8-Mabel Linck (F), 9-Franey (S), 10-Sophia Sougaris (F), 20:42, 3.1 course.

Sean McGuire is the sports editor of the Foxboro Reporter and can be followed on Twitter at @BySeanMcGuire.