Joe Cusack was not on a frantic search to become the next Athletic Director at a nearby high school. But when Cusack learned of the opening at Foxboro High, he knew he needed to apply.

Cusack accepted the position, which was vacated by former FHS Athletic Director Rich Cormier, last Wednesday. He will take over at the position on Monday.

“The chance to do it is exciting, it’s so interesting to me,” Cusack said. “I just honestly can’t wait to start doing it.

“It’s about the kids. It’s not about me,” Cusack added. “I’m there to try and make their high school experience better and it’s about them. If I’m doing a good job, nobody will never know who I am, I look at it that way.”

While Cusack was not a traditional administrator, he has coached every season for the past seven years — 22 seasons to be specific.

He is the current Warrior cross-country coach and served as the coach of the boys’ outdoor track program, assistant coach for the indoor track team and coached freshmen girls’ soccer at Foxboro. He’s also previously coached at Canton High School.

Following this fall cross-country season, Cusack will not coach any more due to his obligations as the Athletic Director.

His new role is a bit different from his previous full-time experience. Cusack has worked in the energy and electricity industry for the past 24 years while managing power plants and exchanging energy commodities.

He said his interest in the Athletic Director position dates back quite a way, however.

“Kind of since I started coaching high school in 2012, I’ve been increasingly interested in it,” Cusack said. “I realized I was coaching high school, youth sports, on the board and running the soccer program in town, so between all of all that, and we’ve had three ADs in Foxboro in the last five years, and seeing all the ADs go through, I realized there really is a job there.”

“It’s something I was always interested in in my personal life, in my spare time, trying to coach around my actual full-time job,” Cusack added. “So, it’s always something I’ve loved being around and the chance to do it full time, it was just a real big draw for me.”

Two of Cusack’s three children – Joe, a senior, and Christian, a junior— attend Foxboro High. So while Cusack does not have the typical administration experience, he believes the experience he has gained with children coming through the athletic program, supplemented by his coaching experience, will help him succeed in the role.

After all, him coaching high school athletes over the past 22 seasons could similar to someone with 20 years of experience.

“I think I know enough about the way people perceive high school sports,” he said. “I feel like I have enough experience in high school sports, even though it’s predominately track, I think I understand enough angles of it to help out.”

And with that, he’s hoping he will be around for the forseeable future.

“It would be a hope that I can do the job well enough to have it be a consistent thing for a long time,” Cusack said. “I’m not looking to go anywhere. I hope it works out and I’m going to do anything I can to make it work.”

Sean McGuire is a sports writer with the Sun Chronicle and the Foxboro Reporter and can be followed on Twitter at @BySeanMcGuire.

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