Foxboro Country Club’s Paul McCarey made a triumphant debut by taking home medalist honors on the Middle-South courses on Friday at Heather Hill CC during the Attleboro Area Golf Association tournament qualifier.

With an even-par 70, a round which included two birdies and a chip-in from 30 yards out on the par-5, 518-yard No. 3 hole on the South side, McCarey was one of 18 players from those 18 holes to reach the AAGA Open.

The 57-year-old McCarey, 57, of Sharon, was one of two players, joining former Sharon High coach Thor VanVaerenwyck, of Plainville at 73, to break 75 over those 18 holes.

The AAGA Open will begin on Aug. 15 at Foxboro Country Club.

McCarey was 3-under par on his frontside, the Middle Course with five pars, birdies at No. 1 and 3. On his backside, McCarey had six pars and three bogeys.

“Everybody at Foxboro CC was telling me to get in it,” McCarey said of his first AAGA Tournament venture. McCarey was the Foxboro CC Club Championship runner-up last summer (to Mike Pyne) and had Foxboro CC pro Lou Rivers as his caddy.

“I figured that if I broke 80 I’d be doing all right,” McCarey said. “I kept tapping into Lou (Rivers) all the time for club selection and how to play a hole. I just told myself to keep the ball in front of me — don’t worry about beating anybody, just qualify.”

Fellow Foxboro Country Club members Dan Kukoff, Brendan Loomer and Drew Corcoran qualified on the South-North courses. Bukoff took third on the layout with a 3-over 74 including a 36 on the front side. Loomer was among the top-five scorers with a 4-over 75 while Corcoran carded a 7-over 78 while equally splitting both a front and back-side 39.

Six additional FCC members qualified the same, Middle-South Courses as McCarey with Evan Dean, Jim Devlin, Kyle Delsignore, Mike Nyhan, Nick Calderone and Jason Hindham all earning the right to the AAGA Tournament.

Dean led the pack after McCarey as he finished tied for third on the layout with a 6-over 76 including a 1-over frontside 36. Devlin tied for fifth with a 7-over 77 following a frontside 38 and backside 39. Delsignore (42-36--78), Nyhan (37-41--78), Calderone (39-40--79) and Hindman (39-42--81) all came in under the 81-stroke cutoff.

Attleboro Area Golf Association Open Qualifying Round

Played at the Heather Hill Country Club, Plainville

South-North Courses

6,372 yards, par-71

Justin Guimond 34-37--71

Chris Hanson 36-36--71

Dan Bukoff 36-38--74

Mike Farrell 40-34--74

Brendan Loomer 38-37--75

Ross Solatto 37-40--77

Jared Curran 40-38--78

Drew Corcoran 39-39--78

Kevin Foley 39-39--78

Nick Cruise 38-41--79

John Brunelle 37-42--79

Erik Anzlovar 39-40--79

Jack Hanson 41-39--80

Andrew Belastock 39-41--80

Liam Costello 40-40--80

Tim Willwerth 40-41--81

Brandon Nolan 40-41--81

Did Not Qualify

Larry Kissell 41-41--82

Drew Jacques 37-45--82

Darian Calverly 47-37--83

Matt Comstock 45-40--85

Tom Ihley 39-36--85

Mark Mesmer 43-43--86

Shawn Cunningham 42-44--86

Dean Santangelo 46-42--88

Tom Phillips 45-43--88

Kyle Rivet 44-44--88

Dave Morrill 42-46--88

David Weeman 45-43--88

Tim Walsh 44-45--89

Zach White 45-45--90

Dylan Sulham 41-50--91

Jack Rounds 43-49--92

Greg Valade 48-45--93

Mike Perrotta 49-45--94

North-Middle Courses

6,368 yards, par-71

Chad Lareau 34-34--68

Jason See 35-36--71

Ryan McGovern 36-35--71

Tim Murphy 40-33-73

Ryan Dow 37-36--73

Kyle Potter 38-37--75

Matt Hogan 36-39--75

Greg Wiens 37-38--75

Peter Danko 38-37--75

Lou DaSilva 37-39--76

Glen Mattos 39-37--76

John Lieneck 39-38--77

Adam Lareau 38-39--77

Dan Mills 38-39--77

Matt Wasserman 40-39--79

Anthony Manganaro 40-39--79

Paul Malcolm 39-41--80

Jacob Sapovits 39-41--80

Did Not Qualify

Mark Troiano 41-40--81

Jeremiah Sullivan 44-37--81

Kris Carrier 41-40--81

Mike Valade 45-39--84

Cam Nye 43-41--84

Peter Gordon 47-38--85

Robert Herrmann 42-44--86

Bill Copley 45-41-86

Tyler Letendre 44-44--88

Brian See 47-41--88

Greg Corbett 42-46--88

Mike Adams 48-41--89

Mitch Foster 47-42--89

Dan Varney 45-45--90

Paul Harris 46-45--91

Aaron Poillucci 50-43--93

Keith Nalbach 48-46--94

Kevin Dittmaier 50-55-105

Middle-South Courses

6,004 yards, par-70

Paul McCarey 32-38--70

Thor VanVaerenwyck 39-34--73

Evan Dean 36-40--76

Tom Raposa 38-38--76

Derek Herber 36-41--77

Jim Devlin 38-39--77

Eric Hunt 41-37--78

Kyle DelSignre 42-36--78

Mike Nyhan 37-41--78

Nick Calderone 39-40--79

Rob Hoffses 39-41--80

James Graham 38-42--80

Rich Ringler 40-40--80

Brett Lareau 43-37--80

Joe Oram, Sr. 41-40--81

Jason Hindman 39-42--81

Mike Derosier 37-44--81

Josh Fortier 41-40--81

Did Not Qualify

Dave Schriever 41-42--83

Liam Timmons 40-42--82

Brett Davison 42-42--84

Russ Franceschini 42-41--84

Matt Fossella 43-42--85

Brian Grant 45-41--86

Amos Cruz 46-40--86

Tyrone Laviano 43-44--87

Justin Strom 40-47--87

Paul Lavallee 45-43--88

Parker Silva 47-43--90

Geno Leco 46-48--104

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