Julie Doxsey

On Friday, Feb. 28, the Attleboro U11 winter lacrosse team gathered for a group photo after their game at Forekicks in Taunton. It was the first time the third- and fourth-grade boys wore Attleboro uniforms that made them look like the high school team.

It would be the last time this season, and next, that they’d be able to do so.

“This was the first year that U11 joined the winter league held at Forekicks,” said Julie Doxsey, one of their coaches. “So many of us are heartbroken that our winter season came to a halt and that our spring season will not be taking place.”

Doxsey, whose son Grady, 10, is on the team, says the team played on March 6, but their March 13 game, and all others to follow, were canceled due to the pandemic.

She misses the game, the camaraderie and the team.

“This group of boys and their families are very special to me, we spend a lot of time together on and off the fields,” she said.

She’s been a coach for the last few years as a part of the Titans Youth Lacrosse organization. This was the first year the team joined the Forekicks winter league and they were looking ahead to playing in the spring as well.

“The kids are encouraged to keep a stick in their hand and we hope to see them soon,” she said. “It’s hard to believe that it’s been close to 8 weeks since the Team has been together and that we will not have the spring season that we planned and worked so hard for.”

Pictured are, back row, from left, Tyler Hirsch, Mason Haynes, Cole Skaarup, Landon Willard, Jameson Connor and Grady Doxsey. Front row, from right, Masyn Pickett, Elliot Kinniburgh, Colin Murray, Cooper Lincks, Matthew McAuliffe and Noah Case.

Not pictured are player Geoquime Thomas, and coaches Tyler Haynes, Blake Willard, Jay Lincks and Doxsey.


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