Kids Vaxed Rehoboth

Jennifer Pouliot of Attleboro comforts her son Alex, 8, as his dad Cory holds him while he receives a COVID-19 vaccine on Nov. 9 from registered nurse Geri Hamel at Anawan Pharmacy in Rehoboth.

Area coronavirus cases jumped by 12% this week.

That translates to 3,463 cases for the week ending Jan. 13, the highest one-week increase so far in the 22-month pandemic.

It brings the total number of cases in the 10-community Sun Chronicle area to 30,880.

Out of that number 8,272 of all cases, or 26.8 percent, have occurred in the last four weeks.

Most of the cases, 95%, are believed to be caused by the omicron variant, a less dangerous but more transmissible version of coronavirus.

In the week ending Jan. 6 the increase was 2,719 cases, or 11%, over the week ending Dec. 30.

While the percentage of cases increased in the week ending Jan. 13, the rate of increase declined by 53% from 1,588 cases in the week ending Jan. 6 to 744 cases in the week ending Jan. 13.

That’s a drop of 844 cases.

Attleboro, which has the largest population of the 10 area communities at 46,517, had the biggest increase in cases at 1,026, bringing its total to 8,103, which is 17.42% of its population.

The heath department did not respond to a request for the latest number of deaths, but last week it was 148, which is 0.32% of the population and 1.82% of those who’ve contracted the disease.

North Attleboro, which has second largest population at 30,326, registered the second greatest increase in cases at 493, bringing its total for the pandemic to 4,445.

That number equals 14.65% of its population.

North Attleboro did not respond to a request for an update on deaths, but has at least 37, which is 0.12% of its population and 0.83% of those who have contracted the virus.

Norfolk had the fewest new cases at 117, bringing its total to 1,580.

Norfolk has recorded five deaths which is 0.32% of those who have caught the virus.

The five deaths are less than one-tenth of 1 percent of the town’s population of 12,493.

Overall, with eight of the 10 communities reporting, there have been at least 339 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in March of 2020.

That number equals 1.09% of those who have contracted the disease and 0.17% of the area’s 198,294 population.

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