LaSallet 8/16/18

The chapel, in the background, and the Welcome Center at LaSalette Shrine in Attleboro.

ATTLEBORO — Another sign of normal living has emerged as coronavirus wanes.

The Food n’ Friends meals program run by the Attleboro Interfaith Collaborative has transitioned from “grab-and-go” to a sit-down meal at LaSalette Shrine.

The first day of that transition was Monday.

The “grab-and-go” option is still available for those who prefer to take their meals outside or back to their homes.

Pam Tarallo, who runs the Food n’ Friends program, said the sit-down option is also available on Saturdays at Centenary United Methodist Church on Sanford Street.

She said the program is gradually opening other sites.

By the fall, all seven should be back indoors, Tarallo said.

The “grab-and-go” format began in March 2020 at the start of the coronavirus pandemic and has been in place for two years. Under that format people get their meals to go.

“We never stopped providing food,” Tarallo said.

She said LaSalette served about 28 people on Monday. The “grab-and-go” option usually served 50-60.

While the to-go option is still available, it may take people some time to get accustomed to the change, she said.

Many of those who used the “grab-and-go” did not participate in the sit-down meals and were new to the program.

“I’m hoping over time we’ll start getting more people in,” Tarallo said.

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