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ATTLEBORO — As area officials continue working to advocate for a local free virus test site, coronavirus numbers have rebounded, reaching new highs after two weeks of decline.

For the week ending Jan. 2, there were 32,256 confirmed new cases and 34,579 confirmed and probable new cases, according to numbers provided by the state’s department of public health.

Both were records for the state.

The previous highs were 32,085 and 33,708, respectively, which were recorded for the week ending Dec. 12.

As previously reported, the numbers for the 10-town Sun Chronicle region also jumped up by 70 cases for the week ending Dec. 31, bumping the total for the week to 764.

And for the first time since the state’s color-coded assessment system was implemented in August, all 10 communities were designated as red zones, or zones which have the highest incidence of coronavirus infection.

Meanwhile, efforts continue to bring a coronavirus testing site to Attleboro.

State Rep. Jim Hawkins, D-Attleboro, said late last week a number of officials, including himself, state Sen. Becca Rausch, D-Needham, state Sen. Paul Feeney, D-Foxboro, State Rep. Steve Howitt, R-Seekonk, Attleboro Mayor Paul Heroux, the Attleboro city council and Lisa Nelson of former U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy III’s office continue to work to bring a testing site here.

“All of us are working different angles,” Hawkins said.

“I’ve been working on it all day every day.”

He could not reveal the specifics of the plans upon which members of the group are working.

However, Hawkins said “lots of options” are under consideration.

The state has established 23 free testing sites in communities considered hot spots, but none in Attleboro which has been a red zone city for seven consecutive weeks and 12 of the last 14.

The nearest state run “Stop the Spread” testing sites are in Brockton and Fall River.

Brockton has three testing sites and Fall River has two. Neighboring New Bedford also has three.

The number of confirmed coronavirus deaths statewide for the week ending Jan. 2 was 484, which is 1.5 percent of the confirmed number of cases.

The number of confirmed and probable deaths statewide for the week ending Jan. 2 was 492, which is 1.42 percent of the confirmed and probable cases.

The average age of those killed by the disease is 81, according to DPH.

In the Sun Chronicle region, there have been at least 199 coronavirus deaths and 8,330 cases since the pandemic began in March.

That’s a death percentage of 2.38.

On Saturday, residents and staff at The Maples Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Wrentham were scheduled to start receiving vaccinations for the disease and the same was to occur on Sunday at the Life Care Center of Attleboro in Attleboro.

CVS Pharmacy was slated to give the vaccinations at Life Care.

Residents and staff of Madonna Manor Nursing Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitative Care facility in North Attleboro are scheduled to receive vaccinations on Jan. 11.

Nursing homes statewide have suffered 60 percent of all coronavirus deaths.

In the Sun Chronicle region, at least 47 percent — or 94 out of 199 deaths — have occurred among the populations of nursing homes.

Attleboro, North Attleboro, Seekonk and Plainville police and fire department members are slated to get the vaccine sometime during the week of Jan. 11.

Paramedics from the Attleboro fire department are slated to provide those vaccinations.

George W. Rhodes can be reached at 508-236-0432.

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