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A woman gets a COVID-19 vaccination at LaSalette Shrine in Attleboro in early May.

Coronavirus cases leveled off in The Sun Chronicle area during the week ending Dec. 2, but cases in schools went up.

The number of new cases reported in the 10-community area came in at 465 for the week ending Dec. 2 which is down nine from the 474 reported in the week ending Nov. 25.

But the number of new cases in the 14 school districts tracked by The Sun Chronicle increased from 132 in the week ending Nov. 18 to 351 in the week ending Dec.1 which is an increase of 219 cases or 166 percent.

Those numbers were reported by the state’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for a two-week period from Nov. 18 through Dec. 1.

No numbers were reported on Nov. 25 because of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Out of the 351 cases, 310 were among students and 41 were among staff members.

During the same two-week period in 2020 there were just 33 cases among students and 27 among staff members.

In the current two-week period Attleboro had the most cases with 72 among students and three among staff members for a total of 75.

The numbers reported by the school district on its own website totaled 78.

Of those 78 cases, 72 were among students and six were among staff.

In the week ending Nov. 24, there were 37 cases, an 85 percent increase over the 20 reported in the week ending Nov. 17.

In the week ending Dec. 1, there were 41 cases, a four case or 10.81 percent increase over the week ending Nov. 24.

The 72 students who contracted the virus over the two-week period represent 1.2 percent of the 5,850 students in the nine Attleboro schools.

Norton had the second greatest number with 56.

Out of that number 42 were among students and 14 were among staff members.

Plainville schools had the fewest number of new cases with five.

Out of that number four were among students and one was among the staff.

Meanwhile, vaccinations among school-aged children continue to climb.

Out of the 15,619 school-aged children from five to 11, the number of fully vaccinated has reached 243.

That number represents 1.55 percent of the total.

In the week ending Nov. 25, just one of 15,619 had been fully vaccinated

This is the first week in which a significant number had completed the two-shot vaccination regimen.

More will be coming soon.

A total of 4,134 or 26 percent have already received one shot.

Statewide the number of cases over the current two-week period jumped from 3,257 in the week ending Nov. 17 to 8,513 in the week ending Dec. 1 which is an increase of 5,256 cases or 161 percent.

Cases among staff members went from 558 to 1,396 an increase of 838 cases or 150 percent.

All told the number of student cases, 8,513 equals a 0.93 percent of the approximate 940,000 student population in the state or nine-tenths of one percent.

Two weeks ago the percentage was 0.35 or three-tenths of one percent.

The number of cases among staff members, 1,396, equals about 1.0 percent of the approximately 140,000 staff members statewide.

Two weeks ago the percentage was 0.40 or four-tenths of one percent.

As of Friday, the number of cases among the general population statewide jumped from 17,453 cases, or an average of 2,493 per day with 83 deaths to 23,599 cases or an average of 3,371 cases per day with 135 deaths.

That’s a death percentage of 0.57 percent or roughly six-tenths of one percent.

The average age of those who die from the disease remains high at 75.

In 2020 at this time, there were 28,150 cases statewide or an average of 4,021 per day.

At that time 274 deaths were recorded.

That was a death percentage of 0.97 percent or about 1 percent of all who caught the disease.

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