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ATTLEBORO — In-school transmission of coronavirus started at zero in September and is still at zero, according to the school department’s report for the week ending Feb. 12.

In addition, case numbers reflect dropping numbers in the city, area and state.

The week ending Feb. 19 was school vacation week and no report was generated. All told there were 17 cases of the virus for the week ending Feb. 12.

Out of that number 15 were among students and two were among staff members.

So far during February city schools are averaging 17.5 cases a week for a total of 35.

The average number of cases in January was 25.5 for a total of 102 for the month.

The 17.5 cases a week represents an average decline of eight a week, which equals a drop of about 31 percent from the weekly average last month.

The state’s Department of Public Health reported a decline of 30 cases citywide for the week ending Feb. 11 from the week ending Feb. 4.

The number of new cases fell from 162 to 132, which represents an 18.5 percent drop.

In the 10-community Sun Chronicle area over the same period there was a reduction of 215 cases, which represented a decline of 33 percent.

Statewide, the case numbers dropped 22 percent for the same period.

Close contacts in schools, increased for the week ending Feb. 12 jumping to 53 from the week before, which registered 37.

Students had most of the close contacts with 50 and most of them, 39, occurred outside of school, according to the report.

Staff members had three close contacts and all were in school.

All told that put five staff members out of school for 10 days, but fortunately most of that time appears to have been during the vacation week.

School Superintendent David Sawyer said it’s been difficult finding substitute teachers this year and that at times has caused schools or classes to go to remote learning.

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