Park Cleanup Feat

An Attleboro Parks and Forestry employee blows up some dust and debris while doing some last minute fall leaf cleanup at Capron Park several months ago.

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ATTLEBORO — With jobs beginning to pile up, Mayor Paul Heroux announced Wednesday he is bringing the city’s outdoor employees back to work under strict health and safety guidelines.

The move comes after consultation with some of the affected departments: parks, recreation, public works, water and wastewater as well as personnel and health.

All city workers who’ve been out of work have been paid since being ordered by local, state and federal governments to stay home.

With post-winter cleanup needed, grass growing and potholes sprouting, the mayor is hoping to keep up with the upkeep.

“As we thought about a lot of the outdoor work that needs to be done at the end of the winter and beginning of the spring, I talked about it with several department heads and we came to the realization that the city was going to look pretty ugly if we don’t get some employees back to work,” Heroux said in an email.

But it won’t be business as usual.

“The only way that it’s worth doing is if we don’t infect people or employees in the process,” Heroux said.

As a result, social distancing will be the rule.

All workers must remain six feet apart at all times and no two employees will be allowed to be in the same vehicle at the same time, he said.

The only exceptions are if a worker is in danger and needs help.

In addition, vehicles, workstations and all equipment has to be cleaned before and after each use.

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