LaSalette Vaccination Site

People who received their vaccine sit in the waiting area of Attleboro’s vaccination clinic at LaSalette Shrine on May 3, the day the clinic opened.

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Vaccination numbers continue to rise in the area at a slow but steady pace.

Since the week ending April 22, they have gone up 4 to 5 percentage points every week.

As May 27, the number of people fully vaccinated against coronavirus in The Sun Chronicle’s 10-community coverage area rose to 92,864 out of its 198,294 residents, according to information provided by the state’s Department of Public Health.

That’s about 47 percent of the population, 4 points higher that the 43 percent recorded for the week ending May 20.

In terms of raw numbers, that’s 8,231 additional individuals who have become fully vaccinated over the last week in the area.

Wrentham has the greatest percentage of it residents fully vaccinated at 59 percent.

Rehoboth has the lowest at 38 percent.

All told, 58 percent of the area’s population, or 114,938 individuals, have gotten at least one dose of a vaccine.

Again, Wrentham leads the way with 72 percent with at least one dose and, again, Rehoboth trails with about 48 percent.

A much greater percentage of those 65 and older are fully vaccinated in the 10-community area.

That age group is in the greatest danger from the virus and dies at a greater rate.

As of May 27 just over 80 percent of the area’s seniors, or 24,709 individuals, were fully vaccinated, and about 90 percent have gotten at least one dose.

In Norfolk, 91 percent of those 65 and older have been fully vaccinated.

Seekonk and Norton have the fewest seniors fully vaccinated at 74 percent each.

Plainville and Norfolk have the most seniors who have gotten at least one shot of vaccine at 104 percent and 99 percent, respectively.

The number of seniors reported to be living in Plainville by DPH is 1,438, but 1,491 have been inoculated according to its numbers.

As of May 30, 52 percent of the state’s population, or 3,653,148 individuals, have been fully vaccinated.

A total of 4,086,923 have gotten at least one dose of a vaccine. That number equals 59 percent of the state’s population.

Locally, Attleboro’s health department has administered approximately 627 first doses of the vaccine.

Over the last two weeks the numbers of those going to the clinic at LaSalette Shrine have fallen off considerably. The city has inoculated 261, 196, 45 and 45 individuals in the most recent four vaccination clinics at the shrine.

At an earlier clinic, 80 were vaccinated.

The lower numbers likely reflect the fact that, according to the state’s vaxfinder site, there are a total of seven locations in Attleboro alone where vaccinations are administered.

When Attleboro’s zip code was entered into the website it produced all the local sites first and a total 995 vaccination sites located all over the state.

George W. Rhodes can be reached at 508-236-0432.

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