jackson kelley court

Jackson Kelley at his arraignment July 20 in Wrentham District Court.

WRENTHAM — A teenager suspected of sexually assaulting a horse at a Norfolk stable was ordered held without bail Tuesday after pleading innocent to the charge.

Jackson Z. Kelley, 19, a former Norfolk resident who now lives in Allston, was arraigned in Wrentham District Court on charges of animal cruelty, sexual contact with an animal and breaking and entering.

He faces a dangerousness hearing Friday to determine whether he should continue to be held without bail.

Police say he broke into Turner Hill Equestrian Stables on Miller Street last Thursday and was captured on security video sexually abusing a mare.

Kelley used to live near the Turner Hill horse riding center and rode horses there in the past, according to a police report.

In a press release, police said they “received many calls providing information which eventually led to the identification of Kelley as the suspect.”

Kelley, accompanied by his lawyer, turned himself in to Norfolk police late Tuesday morning, according to the press release.

During the arraignment proceedings, Kelley’s lawyer, Anthony Musto of Roslindale, said it is not clear that his client is the man caught on security video.

“The identification is less than certain and my client has no criminal record,” Musto said.

Afterwards, Musto said he would be investigating the allegations and declined to comment more about his client.

Kelley was arrested after an investigation by Norfolk Detective Samuel Webb.

During his arraignment, Kelley appeared to have no visible reaction.

The break-in at Turner Hill Equestrian Stables occurred about 4 a.m. last Thursday, according to police.

Samples were taken from the horse and police are awaiting the results of DNA tests, according to a police report.

In an interview with The Sun Chronicle Sunday, stable owner Hillary Swarr said whoever broke into the stable seemed familiar with it and horses.

Kelley grew up less than a mile from the stables, is familiar with the layout of the barn and property and has ridden horses there in the past, according to a police report.

A video technician with the Norfolk County district attorney’s office was able to “enhance and further clarify the video which resulted in clear photos of the suspect,” according to the report.

In addition to comparing photos which indicate Kelley “strongly resembles” the suspect, Webb said in a report that Kelley attended a party in Franklin about a quarter-mile from his parent’s home the night of the assault.

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